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About Shelli Pruett

My Beginnings


I've been a cartoonist since about age 11, starting with girl adventure and action comics and humor. My cartoon world is an alternate place where things don't have to "fit" into any mold or follow any rules. Each of my cartoons and funny pictures is a little universe of its own.  

My Favorite Work


 My main purpose for my cartoons and humor is to bring others a little laughter and some new perspectives. And to start a conversation.  So my favorite work has been cartoons and funny pictures that really connect with readers. 

My Cartoons


My cartoons and humor have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Funny Times national magazine, and many other newspapers, websites, and pages. Cartoons and funny pictures are a great way to create a unique look for an article and to draw the reader's attention. Contact me at cartoonsbyshelli (at) to license use of any of these cartoons. See Contact and Pricing section. Please respect copyrights and do not use without permission. Enjoy! 

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Feel free to contact me at cartoonsbyshelli (at ) for cartoons, humor, comics and funny pictures. 

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