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How To Buy Cartoons Online

   My cartoons and funny pictures are available for licensing and use by businesses, newspapers, mags, websites, blogs, and for personal use with permission. General prices are below. Feel free to email me at cartoonsbyshelli (at) to request cartoons.

    If you are publishing for a non-profit or human (or animal) services publication, contact me for permission to use a cartoon without cost. I like to support good causes that help our culture and the people in it to improve. 

    You can easily pay by Paypal  to my Paypal address of spiritmaker08 (at) yahoo (dot) com. Feel free to use the link below or type into your browser. (You do not need to have a Paypal account to use this method of payment. Simply click on the "Send" option on the top bar, then go to "Make a Payment")

   I can then send you a high-resolution, non-watermarked copy of the image, and a Receipt for your records. Pretty simple, eh? 

General prices: 

  • Small indie and local newspapers: $10 license for one time use. 

  • Midsize newspapers and mags: $15 license for one time use

  • Large papers and mags with corresponding circulation:$20 license for one time use.

  • License for repeated use can be negotiated too. 

   You can request different captions with these images as well, and I can make up a custom humor caption for you. You can also request a black-and-white version or a color cartoon, or a black-and-white line drawing version. 

  All cartoons on my website are copyrighted and protected under copyright law- please respect this and contact me for any proposed reprint or reuse. Many hours of work go into making a cartoon look like it was dashed off in five minutes!  

   You can also purchase packets of my cartoons  on EBay or Amazon. 

These are 10 of my most popular cartoons on colorful postcards (which can also be mailed) and in a gift envelope in case you want to mail them all to one person. Here are the links below.​​

   Buying cartoons online is less difficult than one would think! If you browse my cartoons and see one you would like to use, send me an email (cartoonsbyshelli (at) with the title and number of the cartoon you want to use, and what publication or use you wish to use it for. General prices are below, and you can also  make a proposal.


Quantum Leap Cartoons

Prior to starting the Cartoons By Shelli website, my website and domain was Quantum Leap Cartoons, I still own that domain and now hits on that one lead over to my Cartoons by Shelli website. They are one and the same and both feature cartoons, comics, humor, and funny pictures.